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THEBIGEAR is a project coordinated by Francesco Michi
We intend to build an imaginary soundscape, imagining to have such a powerful ear that can perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon (click on "the project" for more).
Everyone can participate to the project… we are only asking you to describe the sounds you are hearing in this very moment exactly where you are… sounds in the room where you and your computer are, coming from the other rooms of your house, or from the outside, from the city or the countryside (to send your contribution click on "to participate").


The footsteps of Michel, wandering to find his sunglasses before going out, then the door and the key - ack, I'm locked in? a car that goes by slowly enough for the narrow street outside, a bird in the maple tree near my window, a car door slamming because many cars are parked on both sides of the narrow street, a small truck going by, the fan of my computer like everyone else that writes here, my fingers clattering on the keyboard, and all of this conveyed in the strong hum of a humid early summer day.

Nette,, Canada