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THEBIGEAR is a project coordinated by Francesco Michi
We intend to build an imaginary soundscape, imagining to have such a powerful ear that can perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon (click on "the project" for more).
Everyone can participate to the project… we are only asking you to describe the sounds you are hearing in this very moment exactly where you are… sounds in the room where you and your computer are, coming from the other rooms of your house, or from the outside, from the city or the countryside (to send your contribution click on "to participate").


.. .. .. // a pause: as the keys click as I write .. .. .. // as the traffic hums by through the swaying left, aside, hrrrrmmmmmmmmarrrrnnnnnnnn, the Doppler Effect of my dreams succumbed only by the whirr of a laptop fan. Traffic. // .. this traffic, it be continuous: no honking, just woosh. Wooshing past through the left side. The left side of the body is seduced by the woosh of metal. .. .. .. I think of the hammering that just happened. Hammering in the building. Somewhere on a floor in this red brick building, there are sweaty, Quebecois workers, hammering. And drilling. Renovations. Tomorrow they come to drill holes in my apartment. I can already hear the sound of the concrete .. even though it has yet to happen. Future sound, projected now. // .. .. the traffic again: a bus makes a much more prolonged sound, as it drags its way across the cracking pavement, sun out, but colder now, the traffic slicing through the colder air as Fall sets into play the coming Winter .. .. tap tap tap .. my fingers on keys .. .. the fan .. and the bus: a symphony that is more melancholic than Futurist. (& a minute before, I was listening to music -- Rhythm & Sound, Berlin dub -- but the CD whirred down and ended, leaving me with-- // // the endless flow of thought: thought that is not spoken in my head. It is silent. But here it is, on the screen. Making itself heard. Becoming heard. And now that I realise this, I hear my voice, but it slips from hearing. No mouth moving, this is an internal voice. Have you heard it? Don't you hear it here as well? And everytime you read this? .. .. .. tap tap tap .. the Traffic, ceaseless, and the Sun, unlistenable. // . . .. .. .

I am a becoming-ear of the body.

tobias c. van Veen Montreal, Canada