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THEBIGEAR is a project coordinated by Francesco Michi
We intend to build an imaginary soundscape, imagining to have such a powerful ear that can perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon (click on "the project" for more).
Everyone can participate to the project… we are only asking you to describe the sounds you are hearing in this very moment exactly where you are… sounds in the room where you and your computer are, coming from the other rooms of your house, or from the outside, from the city or the countryside (to send your contribution click on "to participate").


I hear a boxing match, people cheering and some guy talking about the phisical conditions of the fighters. I am hearing lots of cheering, people getting very exited more and more. The winner is Miguel Cotto and people suddenly shut up. Except from sudden whistles which increase and decrease in amount. Until one can only hear the sports anouncers voice talking about the victory.

Ivelisse Miranda, Puerto Rico e-mail: