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THEBIGEAR is a project coordinated by Francesco Michi
We intend to build an imaginary soundscape, imagining to have such a powerful ear that can perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon (click on "the project" for more).
Everyone can participate to the project… we are only asking you to describe the sounds you are hearing in this very moment exactly where you are… sounds in the room where you and your computer are, coming from the other rooms of your house, or from the outside, from the city or the countryside (to send your contribution click on "to participate").


I am in Southindia at the moment, close to the city Pondicherry, a bit in the countryside.It´s around 1 p.m., sitting in my room, my two windows are wide open, around me there is a garden with palms, banana trees and many other plants I don´t know. I can hear birds, they are corresponding through the garden- space in many languages, sounds and noises.I can recognize only the craws and magpies. From far human voices speaking in Tamil, and sometimes the sounds of signal-hornsfrom passing rikhas and bikes of the street behind. A breeze in the leaves is always around (sunshine and around 25 degrees Celsius at the moment). A very soft squeaking sound of my window is from time to time audible, then a horn in a repeating modal scale upwards. Somebody passes by, footsteps (he has no shoes, walks on the grass and on dry leaves). Watersounds from the toilet above in my house. Usually many dogs are barking around - not now - but I have them in my inner ear. Somebody is working in the next garden - I can´t see what this person is doing, but it might be digging earth and stones. Now a dog is barking! That´s it for now. This room with my open windows is amazing,, - a kind of acousmatic situation. During night you can hear an ongoing chirring and noises of frogs, squirrels and other animals I can´t name. In the morning and afternoon hours you can hear repeating chanting, coming from a temple quite near.

Katharina Klement Vienna, Austria - at the moment in India, close to Pondicherry

  • TBE-2018